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Freediving apnea trainer team is really read your feedback and try to make apnea training more effective.

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eliott regnier
Oct 8, 2018

Apple and Android app difference


So I had this app on an android, but the android it died so I switched to apple. But the app is completely different and worse on apple. For example you can’t login or track your progress on a graph

Oct 8, 2018

Hey. Do you mean statistics screen? We work on this, hoping it will be available soon. Thank you.

eliott regnier
Oct 8, 2018


yeah thats what i meant. But I just don’t get why the app is different on android and apple.

Thanks for it reply thanks though

Oct 8, 2018

iOS version is developed by my friend. At first I add a new feature to the android and then it is added on iOS, so it is behind a bit. But I already hurried him 😏

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